Do you repair water leaks in auto sunroofs?

We are #1 at repairing leaks in sunroofs

Do you repair seats in boats and other marine vessels?

Yes, we have the material that is both functional and comfortable.

Do you offer repair services for RVs?

Yes, we offer custom upholstery installation and repair services for RVs

Do you do commercial upholstery for offices and bars?

Sorry, we do not do commercial upholstery.

Do you recover antique furniture?

We do not do furniture repair but I may know someone who does. Give me a call.

Do you do auto detailing?

We do not do detailing in house but I can give you some recommendations.

Do you tint vehicle windows?

We do not do window tint in house but I highly recommend giving a call to Solar Control in Monroeville for all your automotive and residential tinting needs.